Top important tips to maintain environmental balance 

Top important tips to maintain environmental balance 

Due to human intervention in nature, large scale changes are taking place in the air, water and land. Also, these non-living or abiotic components are getting polluted. As a result, the existence of living things is threatened, while several living things have already become extinct. If one factor of the environment is damaged, it’s relationships with other factors also get affected, and environmental balance is disturbed. From time to time, some of the living things on the earth become extinct. But today his process is taking place at a much faster rate. This is a threat for the whole living world.

Our needs and the environment :-

Food, water and cloths are the needs of all people. We use a lot of things to meet these need. Besides, we use many means and devices for the purpose of studies, sport, hobbies and entertainment. We even stock up these things so that they will be available to us whenever we need them. All these things are obtained by using materials from our environment. All the people in the world have similar needs and desires. As a result, the environment is being degraded rapidly.

We need to be aware that we ourselves are a part of nature. If the balance of nature is disturbed, it will adversely affect human being, too.

We need to take steps to prevent the degradation of environment. The steps should mainly include using our means frugally and recycling used articles. Such measures should be practised sincerely by each and every person.

Let us resolve :-

Let us all ensure that no action on our part will cause pollution  or cause pollution or  cause harm to living things. Let us make all possible efforts for the conservation of the living world.

Global efforts for protection of the environment :-

Several projects are being implemented at the international level to maintain the balance in nature. It is important to raise the awareness of people all over the world about the threat to environmental balance. Many countries of the world are enacting laws that will help to prevent the pollution of air, water and soil.

Efforts to maintain biodiversity

Biodiversity parks :-

An area which is reserved for the purpose of protecting and conserving the biodiversity of a region is called biodiversity park. In these parks, biodiversity is both preserved and studied. People visiting such a park enjoy being close to nature. This leads to more concern for nature.

National parks :-

Some areas which are important for the protection and conservation of wildlife are reserved for them. For example, the kaziranga national park, the tadoba national park.

Sanctuaries :-

Creatain forest areas are reserved for the protection and conservation of a particular animal or plant. Such a reserved area is called a sanctuary. For example, the ratnagiri sanctuary for bisons.

Our useful things about Home and Environment

Uses of house :-

House is used as a shelter or resting place. It protect us against the sum, the mind,

the cold and the rains. It also protects us from wild animals and keeps us safe from anti-social elements.

Types of houses :-

People build houses to suit the climate of their region, using the natural resources that are available. Difference in the climate and availability of building materials give rise to the different types of houses.

Our rights :-

We all have a right to get clean potable water, sufficient food, a safe shelter and


Home lessness :-

Air, water, food, clothing and shelter are the basic need of every human being.

Some people are not able to fulfil their basic needs. Around us, we see many people who seek shelter at the roadside, on footpaths, under bridges, in tumbledown buildings, in railway or bus stations and even on open grounds.

Causes for and solutions to homelessness :-

Poverty, natural disasters, physical and mental disorders, unemployment, inadequate income, lack of affordable housing are some of the causes for homelessness. A sections of our society being homeless is a social problem. Therefore, the government implements many schemes to provide homes to the homeless.

Harms the environment :-

The population of the world is increasing all the time. That is why, houses

are being built in large numbers. Natural resources are used in very great quantities to built houses.

This leads to the pollution of air, water, soil and also noise pollution. These pollutions harm the environment.

Growing urbanisation and reduction in forests :-

Because of growing urbanisation, the land which was previously being used for agricultural and similar other purpose is now being used to build roads and to rise settlements. This leads to a shortage of agricultural land. Forest lands is used for

agricultural and forests are reduced.

Energy Crises :-

Energy is needed to produce construction materials. Energy is  produced using

natural fuels like coal, natural gas or mineral oil. The burning of these fuels leads to air pollution.

The natural fuels can be used only once. They get consumed when we use them. This leads to a problem of energy crisis. Therefore it is necessary to use other sources of energy such as solar energy or wind energy which ard available in plenty and which do not causes pollution.

Eco-friendly hoses :-

Like humans, some other living things also builds shelters using various materials in their environment. Their shelter are Eco-friendly and temporary. Man should also be able to make houses that are Eco-friendly and permanent in nature.


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