Top method to Decide direction of life

Top 20 method to decide Direction of your life

Directing is one of the important function of mgt. This function is also known as by different make such as leadership, motivation, execution.

Directing is a function of human relations. It is regarded as heart of mgt. Process without effective direction other managerial function like planning. Organisation, staffing becomes less effective.

Directing is the responsibility of manager at all level. It means instructions people to do the work in the right manner. Fuller utilisation of available man power is possible only when employees are properly directed.

Features of Directing

Continues Process :-

Directing is a continuous process. Manager direct their subordinate to get work done effectively & efficiently. Thus manager guids supervises, motivate & lead sub ordinate continuesly.

Creative Activity :-

Directing is a creative activity. They should provide new ideas, new plan to subordinate to finish work efficiently.

Release the Goals :-

The manager gives direction to the subordinate to achieve the goals. Depending upon the goals, manager make use of communication & motivation.

Individual Approach :-

Directing is affected by Individual approach of manger. Every manager should follow his own style while motivating the subordinate.

Linking Function :-

Directing links planning and controlling activities. This plan are put into action through effective directing. Direction is a process of converting business plan into performance.

Chain of Command :-

Directing follows the principle of chain of command. The direction flow from top to bottom. For e.g. The top level direct the middle level, the middle level direct lower level and accordingly lower level direct the subordinate.

Pervasive Function :-

Direction is the function of mgt at all level. Every manager should provide guidance & inspirational to his sub-ordinate.

Facilities Coordination :-

Directing facilities Coordination in the organisation. It means inter linking of activities. Through effective direction, the manager can coordinate activities of the subordinate.

Psychological factor :-

In directing there is lot of physichological factors. This manager should judge the feeling & emotions of subordinate. The manager must respect sub-ordinate to get work done form them effectively & efficiently.

Need & Importance of Directing
Facilities innovation :-

Proper direction facilities innovation in the organisation Due to effective direction, employees may be motivated & come with new ideas, new plans & policies.

Corporate Image :-

Proper directing help to improve image. Due to effective direction, there can be better performance of employees & also help to develop goodwill in the market.

Team work :-

Proper direction not only develop team spirit but also brings success to the organisation. Due to effective direction both superior & subordinate work as a team.

Optimum use of Resources :-

Directing facilities optimum use of resources. Through effective directions, the manger can make optimum use of resources.

  • Physical resources
  • Financial resources
  • Human resources

Reduce Absenteeism :-

Proper direction help to reduce absenteeism For eg : If the lecture gives proper direction to the students then student may not remain absent in the class for longer period.

Higher efficiency :-

Proper direction help to increase efficiency in the organisation so there can be higher return at lower cost.

Reduce Wastage :-

Effective direction help to reduced wastage of resources. The sub ordinate would make every possible effort to avoid wastage wherever possible.

Human Factors :-

Direction is mainly concerned with staff in the organisation. If is very sensitive factor of production. Effective direction is necessary to get work done form the people.

Motivation :-

Directing facilities motivation of employees. The manager can motivate subordinate through effective communication. They should be motivated by providing monetary and non monetary incentives.

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